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Varadkar as Taoiseach is great for LGBTQ people; just like Thatcher was for women and Trump is for vaguely human-shaped bags of ejaculate.

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Wednesday briefing: Stars unite for Manchester as police reveal plot details

Part of the offending email that was sent to graduates by the medicine faculty. That prospect is slightly more likely in the wake of those polls. The latest Guardian/ICM survey shows the Tories’ lead over Labour has dropped from 14 points to 12 while a projection by YouGov says there could even be a hung parliament. Theresa May: Corbyn would be ‘alone and naked’ in Brexit negotiations There’s loads more news and analysis on politics at The Snap, our daily election briefing. Read to the bottom for details. Home comforts could cost dear – It really is going to be hard to get away from brexit in the next couple of years. A new report says the UK could be hit by a bill of £500m if retirees currently living in EU countries found they were no longer entitled to health care post-Brexit and returned home. The impact would be worsened if EU nurses and other care workers working went back to their home countries in the event of the UK leaving the union, the thinktank Nuffield trust says. Courtroom rant – The man accused of killing two people who were trying to shield young women from his anti-Muslim tirade on a train in Portland, Oregon has ranted about free speech during a court appearance . Jeremy Christian shouted “You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism” and “Free speech or die, Portland!” at the court in Multnomah county.

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