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a lawsuit related to its Autopilot system, after reports surfaced that a man killed in a crash in China had activated the driver-assist feature of his car. Bart Selman, an artificial intelligence and computer science expert at Cornell University, says despite recent incidents, self-driving cars much like commercial flights will become extraordinarily safe. Selman believes equipping autonomous vehicles with more sensors like Lidar, could prevent crashes down the road. Bio: https://www.engineering.cornell.edu/research/faculty/profile.cfm?netid=bs54 Selman says: The video of the crash near Hong Kong last January suggests the vision system was most likely the failure. Computer vision systems are trained on large amounts of pre-labeled driver video. A rare event, such as a cleaning truck driving slowly on the side of the road, is difficult to learn correctly because there are few or no examples in the videos used to train the vision system. Adding more sensors to the car, such as Lidar, which operates like a radar for nearby object detection, is most likely the best way to avoid these types of crashes in the future. Overall, there is some risk that the public will become wary of self-driving technology. However, I think the safety of self-driving cars will still improve further quite rapidly, making it soon ten to one hundred times saver than human driving. We will also start to see more videos of cases where the driver-assist technology saves lives.

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from your G+ account. Under the “More” tab, you’ll see a list of stopover cities you can select or deselect. Microsoft Ming and Kayak provide services that predict when prices are expected to rise or fall. button. It’s a bit more simplistic than some of the others in the round-up, but if you want to see what the lowest possible fares are, it’s a great resource to help you search for them. Our app offers promotions and booking services. Expedia offers cheap last-minute flights from the United States to destinations in Europe, South America, Asia, the Caribbean, and more.

Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers' No. 2 quarterback, declined to stand during the national anthem ahead of a pre-season game on Aug. 26, setting off a debate about race relations, policing and the mixing of politics and sports. Garfield players decided to kneel after talking among themselves about Kaepernick and social injustice, Coach Joey Thomas said. "Let's just talk about it. How are you killing these African American males on camera and we can't even get a day in court?" Thomas said, according to the Seattle Times. Players and coaches plan to continue kneeling all season, Thomas said in a video posted by KCPQ-TV. High school football players in Camden, New Jersey, knelt during the national anthem before a game there last weekend, a local NBC affiliate reported. Players from San Francisco's Mission High School also took a knee before a game last Saturday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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